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Friday, 18 March 2011

Prepositions - grammar lesson 2

Level: Intermediate / B1

Put the correct preposition in the space:

1.         My office is                  the National Park
2.         I am not                       the office this week
3.         I will be back              work next week
4.         This is a good place for seeing bats                night
5.         We will go and listen to the nightingales                    dusk
6.         There is time for some bird watching                         the morning
7.         Who is that with you              the photograph?
8.         Kiel is              the north
9.         Brighton is                  the south coast
10.       The nature reserve is               the north of Prague
11.       The visitor centre is marked                the map
12.       Write your name                     the top of the page
13.       We are almost                         the end of the guided walk
14.       There is a core zone                 the middle of the Park

Answers below!


1  in / near 
2  in
3  at
4  at
5  at
6  in
7  in
8  in
9  on
10 to /in (be careful - they have different meanings!)
11 on
12 at
13 at
14 in

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