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''Let nature be your teacher''
William Wordsworth, poet, 1770-1850

''Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift''
Albert Einstein, physicist, 1879-1955

''... to find the word, or words, by which [an] idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed''
P.M. Roget, lexicographer, 1779-1869

Monday, 20 June 2011

Global Ocean Legacy Interactive Map

Level: Upper intermediate / B2

As part of World Oceans Day (June 8), Pew’s Global Ocean Legacy campaign launched an interactive map to spotlight some of the most important and unspoiled places in our seas.
Have a look at the map and answer these questions:
1 How much of the ocean is fully protected?
2 How big is the Coral Sea?
3 How many species of fish are found in Kermadec?
4 How many islands make up Chagos?
5 How many species of whale can be found off Bermuda?

Answers below!


1 Less than half a percent
2 1,000,000 sq km (one million square kilometres!)
3 431
4 55
5 16

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