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Friday, 22 April 2011

Articles - grammar lesson 3

Level: Pre-intermediate/ A2

1. Complete the following text with the, a, an or Ø (no article).

(1)   The   Peak District

If you enjoy (2)                walking and climbing, come and spend (3)                 weekend in (4)                 Peak District - (5)                 Britain's most popular national park! Situated in (6)                 north of Derbyshire, (7)                 Park is (8)                 real ‘adventure’ country and has some of (9)                 Britain's most picturesque walks, including (10)                 world-famous Pennine Way.

And it's all just four hours from (11)                 London by (12)                 train! For more information about (13)                   train and (14)                 bus services, visit (15)                 Tourist Information Office.

2. Complete the following sentences with the or Ø (no article).

1.   Ø     France,                   Italy and                   United Kingdom are all                  members of                   European Union.
2.                  Nile is                  longest river in                  Africa.
3.                  longest mountain range in                   world is                   Andes in                   South America.
4.                  Hawaii,                   Tahiti and                   Fiji are all                  islands in                   Pacific Ocean.
5.                   Lake Superior, on                  border between                   Canada and                  United States, is                   largest lake in                   world.
6.                  river Rhine flows through                  five countries in                   Europe.

Answers below!


 The Peak District

If you enjoy 2  Ø  walking and climbing, come and spend 3    the / a *    weekend in 4    the   Peak District - 5  Ø  Britain's most popular national park! Situated in 6   the  north of Derbyshire, 7   the   Park is 8  Ø  real ‘adventure’ country and has some of 9  Ø  Britain's most picturesque walks, including 10   the   world-famous Pennine Way.

And it's all just four hours from 11  Ø  London by 12  Ø  train! For more information about 13   Ø    train and 14   Ø  bus services, visit 15   the / a *  Tourist Information Office.

(* depends if you are referring to a specific weekend or weekends in general)

2. Complete the following sentences with the or Ø (no article).

1.  Ø   France,   Ø  Italy and     the    United Kingdom are all   Ø  members of    the     European Union.
2.   The     Nile is    the   longest river in  Ø   Africa.
3.   The  longest mountain range in   the   world is   the    Andes in  Ø   South America.
4.  Ø   Hawaii,   Ø    Tahiti and   Ø   Fiji are all   Ø  islands in   the   Pacific Ocean.
5.   Ø   Lake Superior, on    the  border between   Ø   Canada and   the  United States, is   the   largest lake in   the    world.
6.  The    river Rhine flows through   Ø  five countries in   Ø   Europe.


  1. Could it be that there are two gaps in the first exercise where two versions are possible?

  2. Indeed there are! But can you tell me why?!

  3. Well .. because both a definite and an indefinite version is possible and it would depend on the context and what I actually want to say, which one to choose.

  4. Part 1, no. 8: It's not possible to say: the park is *a* real 'adventure' country?

  5. No, sorry! Country here is uncountable noun meaning the landscape rather than a nation.
    'This is really dangerous country'
    'This is a really dangerous country'