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Friday, 24 February 2012

Phrases for comparing - grammar lesson 6

The UK and Australia: the same or different?

Level: Intermediate / B2

Complete the sentences comparing the UK and Australia with these words:

as (x2)             completely      different         from                less

more                similar              slightly            the                   to

1. The climate in Australia is different                                                the climate in the UK.

2. Australian coins look similar                                                                        British coins.

3.  A lot of wild animals in Australia are                                             different from the wild animals that you find in England.

4. Supermarkets in Australia are exactly the same                   supermarkets in the UK.

5. The cost of living in Sydney is very                                    to the cost of living in London.

6.  Houses in the British countryside look very                                   from houses in the Australian countryside.

7.  Australian TV programmes are                               or                                 the same as British TV programmes.

8. Australian road signs are                                          different from road signs in the UK.

9. Daily life in Australia is about                     same                daily life in the UK.
 Adapted from New Cutting Edge Intermediate, Longman, 2005

Answers below!

1. from
2. to
3. completely
4. as
5. similar
6. different
7. more    less
8. slightly
9. the     as

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