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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Good and well: grammar lesson 21

Level: Intermediate / B1

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Time for another grammar lesson!
Last week we looked at Do and Make; today we look at a similar common problem for learners of English...

Good and well

Good is an adjective. Well is an adverb:

               Your English is good.             ×         You speak English well.
               He is a good football player.              ×         He plays football well.

Well is an adjective when used to describe health:

               ‘How are you?‘ ‘I am well thanks.‘
               ‘I don’t feel well.’

Practice: Complete the sentences with good or well:

1.  Our new equipment is running      well      .
2.  She’s quite                                      at languages.
3.  Did you have a                                            meal?
4.  My assistant didn’t work very                                            today.
5.  I’m not a                             cook, but my wife cooks                                 .
6.  Your exam results were very                                              .
7.  You did very                                               in your exams.
8.  How are you? Are you                                            ?
9.  She speaks English very                                         .
10. Her English is very                                                .

Answers below!

1.  Our new equipment is running      well      .
2.  She’s quite good                at languages.
3.  Did you have a                   good                meal?
4.  My assistant didn’t work very       well                  today.
5.  I’m not a                good    cook, but my wife cooks        well      .
6.  Your exam results were very         good    .
7.  You did very          well                  in your exams.
8.  How are you? Are you                   well                  ?
9.  She speaks English very                well                  .
10. Her English is very           good                .


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