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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Over-tourism in Krkonoše mountains

Level: Upper-intermediate / B2

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Over-tourism a growing problem in Krkonoše mountains
Here is an interesting interview (10 minutes) on Radio Prague International about the problems associated with tourism in Krkonoše National Park in the Czech Republic.
Listen to it, then answer the following questions:
(The text of the interview is also available on the website, but try to do it just by listening first!)

1) Who is Jakub Kašpar?
2) How many people visit the top of Sněžka every year?
3) Do you have to pay to visit Krkonoše National Park?
4) In a survey, how many people thought it was a good idea to have entrance fees (on the Czech side)?
5) How many national parks are there in the Czech Republic?

Bonus question - how high is Sněžka? 

Answers below!

1) He is Deputy-head of Krkonoše National Park
2) 500 0000 / half a million (from the Czech side)
3) Not from the Czech side
4) 60% / sixty per cent
5) Four

Bonus question - Sněžka is 1603.3 m (5260 ft)


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