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Friday, 6 May 2011

Energy - vocabulary lesson 4

Level: Advanced / C1

Replace the words and phrases in italics with words of similar meanings:

1)         Companies are being encouraged to develop alternative  renewable  energies.

2)      A steep rise in the price of oil could be devastating c                           for large numbers of businesses.

3)         Energy companies claim there is currently no lack s                           of oil.
4)      The increase in energy use c                              is resulting in high levels of pollution throughout the world.

5)         The price of getting oil out of the ground e                             looks set to soar.

6)         Many countries are reliant d                           on fossil fuels.

7)         We need to find new origins s                                    of energy.

8)         What will be the effects c                                            of limited oil supplies?

9)         Reserves will be used up d                              within the next 20 years, experts predict.

10)       Discharges e                             of pollution have never been so high.

Answers below!


1  renewable
2  catastrophic
3  shortage
4  consumption
5  extracting
6  dependent
7  sources
8  consequences
9  depleted
10 emissions

That was a tough one! Let me know what you thought of it.


  1. It was not that easy. I didn¨t know the words depleted and discharges. Thank you for the exercise.

  2. Thanks Mark! It was finally hard work for me, although I thought it will be OK... We used most of the expressions last time on envienglish weekend, didn´t we? See you on Friday!