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Friday, 13 May 2011

Comparatives and superlatives - grammar lesson 4

Comparatives and superlatives

Level: Intermediate / B1

What are the comparative and superlative forms of these adjectives?

long             longer        longest





What are the rules for one-, two- and three-syllable adjectives?

Can you think of two more irregular adjectives like far?

Complete these sentences:

1.         The Nile is only                                                            (long) than the Amazon.

2.         Tokyo is the                                                                 (populated) city in the world.

3.         Mexico City is a little                                                               (big) than Mumbai.

4.         New York is the                                                                       (big) city in the world.

5.         The coast of Canada is                                     (long) than the coast of Indonesia.

6.         Los Angeles is a                                                           (far) south than San Francisco.

7.         India has a                                                        (big) university than any other country.

8.         France is much                                                 (popular) with tourists than the USA.

9.         London has                                                                  (busy) airport in the world .

10.       Japan has the                                                    (popular) theme park in the world.

Answers below!


long             longer        longest

big              bigger        biggest

busy           busier         busiest

popular       more popular  most popular

far              farther/further        farthest/furthest

1   slightly / a little longer
2   the most populated
3   bit bigger
4   fourth biggest
5   much longer
6   a lot farther
7   much bigger
8   more popular
9   the busiest
10  most popular

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