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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

River and water - vocabulary lesson

Level: Advanced / C1

Think you know your geographical vocabulary?
Try this test and see how good you are!
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River and water vocabulary test
What word matches these definitions? The first letter is given.
E.g.      A low area of land between hills or mountains           valley              
1.         A very large expanse of sea                                            o                     
2.         A piece of land surrounded by water                             i                      
3.         A piece of land almost surrounded by water                 p                     
4.         Where a river starts                       s                        or   s                      
5.         Where a river enters the sea  m                 or  d                or e                   
6.         A river flowing into a larger river or lake                       t                      
7.         Where two rivers meet                                                    c                     
8.         A small river  s                       or     b                         or    c                     
9.         A river of ice                                                                     g                     
10.       The level below which the ground is saturated with water     w                    

11.       Water held underground in the soil or in rock                             g                     

12.       A body of permeable rock which can contain water                  a                     

Definitions from

Answers below!


1. ocean
2. island
3. peninsula
4. source or spring
5. mouth, delta or estuary
6. tributary
7. confluence
8. stream, brook (GB) or creek (US/Aus)
9. glacier
10. water table
11. groundwater
12. aquifer

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