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''Let nature be your teacher''
William Wordsworth, poet, 1770-1850

''Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift''
Albert Einstein, physicist, 1879-1955

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P.M. Roget, lexicographer, 1779-1869

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sebastião Salgado Genesis exhibition - video lesson 14

Level: Upper intermediate / B2

The famous photographer Sebastiao Selgado has a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.
Watch the great video (three minutes long) and read the text (What's in the exhibition) on the Natural History Museum webpage, then answer the questions below.

A. From the video:
1) The iceberg looks to him like what? (Video 00:47)
2) What huge animal did he photograph on Galapagos? (01:19)
3) How did Salgado build his reputation? (01:49)
4) What did he want to show with his photos? (02:12)
5) Which group of people did he work with in Siberia? ( 02:25)

B. From the text:
6) How many years did it take Salgado to take his photos?
7) How many countries did Salgado visit?
8) How many photos are in the exhibition?
9) How many themes are in the exhibition design?
10) When did Salgado get his first camera?

There is also a BBC article about the exhibition, showing some of the photos.

Answers below!

For more about Salgado, over 150 of his works, as well as up-to-date Salgado exhibition listings, visit Artsy's Sebastio Selgado page.


1) A Scottish castle
2) Tortoise
3) Photographing people
4) ''The planet in total equilibrium: us in equilibrium with our nature''
5) The Nenets

6) 8
7) 32
8) 216
9) 5
10) 1970

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